Like numerous other contemporary flagships, the Xiaomi 6 Mi6 has a glass front plus back, though it is not the hard Gorilla Glass. Though, the Mi 6 does create quite a strong impression. Also, it is moreover splash resistant, a welcome however now common bonus amongst flagships.

Xiaomi comprises a rubber shielding cover by the Mi 6. Simply then does this smartphone’s slippery possessions become suitable for everyday use. Without the case, the Mi 6 slips all over the place even if the smooth surface is somewhat turned, thus you'd run the risk of dropping the cell phone and breaking the glass.

Still, you could feel a small gap among the rear glass plate plus steel frame without the case, and dirt would amass in the gap over time.

There is one plastic slit on the side plus two on the bottommost - done which the antennas beam their signals - which interject the bezel. The middle of the bottom comprises a USB Type-C port, which is wherever power, data plus digital audio signals are conveyed. There’s no earphone port, however an adapter is comprised. 

 The brightness control is excellently good

Bad brightness controls on smart phone displays are uncomfortable, particularly when used outside; but this is not so by the Mi 6. If a cloud moves above the sun, the display dims down and it is still actual readable. If you step outer from your household, the automatic display setting turns up the brightness plus can fluently light up the display alongside bright daylight.

Its extreme brightness of 600 cd/m² (builder specifications) is good sufficient for your average midday sun. Its least brightness of 1 cd/m² (builder specifications) is one of the lowermost I have ever seen on a smart phone. The blue filter in reading style is useful while reading that last news article beforehand you fall asleep. The IPS panel disparity is at 1:1500 plus covers 94.4% of the NTSC color space.

Xiaomi Mi 6 special features

The  Android Phones  Xiaomi Mi 6 still has a virtually destroyed IR blaster. Through it and the pre-installed Mi Remote app, you could turn off the TV in cafeterias or cause a commotion in your native tech store.

Also, the SIM slot offers room for two cards. Thus if you carry a second card round for business drives, for cheaper mobile Internet otherwise for travel, you can usage both cards instantaneously, but only one of them can be linked to the 4G network.

 Xiaomi Mi 6 performance

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is lightning-fast. A rapid look at the datasheet already hints that this device has lots of tricks up its sleeve. It has the newest processor on the marketplace, it has 50% more than what is usually found in numerous competitors plus the internal storage is quick and plentiful. In our standard tests, the Mi 6 even leftward the moderately equipped Sony Xperia XZ Premium in the dust. While it comes to temperature, though, it needs to throttle afterward several runs and goes rather downhill overall.