Nowadays, you need to be a knowledgeable enthusiast with a cigarette smoking soldering metal convenience more to begin with FPV rushing. Drone Producer Walkera has a lot of prepared to fly race drones in the variety, the Walkera rodeo 110 is the newest design.

A couple of several weeks ago I revealed under the motivating management of a knowledgeable designer that does quite well is to put your own Walkera rodeo 110 together. You purchase - whether through a China store - a structure, journey pc motor manages (ESCs), look for engines, first individual perspective (FPV) electronic camera, and some other small fry, and after time of solder you with your home made FPV drone can fly First temps.


The pattern lately to race drones are reducing. There's been a lot of buzz about the so-called Small Whoops, little quadrots with digital cameras that offer themselves well to first individual perspective rushing in the residing space area. With the release of the Walkera rodeo 110, Quad Speed Walkera will actually race between the 'good' drone and Small Whoop-place in it. The race drone is actually not particularly huge with its structure dimensions of 110 mm angled.

Conveniently, the ready-Walkera rodeo 110 was provided to the operator 7 Deva. This is a worldwide 6-channel transmitter that functions at 2.4 GHz. The transmitter performs precisely on 8 AA battery power or a particular battery package power. On one battery package you can fly about 5-6 moments. Re-charging with the provided battery charger requires just three moments per battery package. Do what if possible instantly what additional battery power.

Video Glasses

The drone himself is doing well and is prepared to fly: so you do not have to solder or put together. It is enough to secure battery package, link it and you can fly. The structure is created from graphite and can thus be pulled. The FPV electronic camera is placed behind a nasty structure that defends electronic camera from crashes. The antennas stick out like three rises from the rear of the product.

Deliciously compititve

Despite its small dimension, the Walkera rodeo 110 is a bit competitive thanks to its four brushless look for engines. Speeding up and increasing helps make the drone quick. It's not really a drone in the residing space area, despite the involved link security officers and the low bodyweight of 100 grams (excl. Battery). Inside traveling you only use this revolutionary product in bigger manufacturing facilities or vehicle parking car ports. Of course, the drone is not built with GPS or measure, you fly the drone completely guide. Which helps make the Walkera rodeo 110 less made for starter drunks? You really need some driving encounter if you want have fun with this little walker racing drone.


For who wants to begin with FPV rushing without soldering time, the Walkera rodeo 110 is a fun race drone. You can fly well without video disturbance, but for sure perform you will also need to spend in FPV cups working at the 5.8 GHz regularity. And if something breaks: all important areas, such as look for engines, ESCs and electronic camera, are relatively simple to substitute, so spiders can get their minds and hearts off with the Walkera rodeo 110.