Traxxas TRX 4 RC Cars Parts Review

A remarkable introduction into the dimensions industry, the TRAXXAS TRX 4 is Traxxas's first real scale/trail rig. This is a very able automobile with a lot of really awesome and efficient functions. The tires have a good look and performance quite well. They are difficult enough for common pathway use and washed out as well as you can see in the video. Even when I packed them up, I was still able to get grip in several places.

Primary Competition: The product variety spider field is certainly warming up. Some of the opponents for the Traxxas are the Vaterra Ascender, the Axial SCX10 II, and some of the RTR variety vehicles from RC4WD.

What’s required To Complete: You won’t need to buy a whole lot to get your automobile up and going. You will need an assortment power for the car, an assortment power charger, and four AA battery power for the transmitter.

Build Quality: After several associates of our analyze team offered the TRAXXAS TRX 4 a once over, we could discover no mistake with the setup of your RC cars parts. We found the equipment capable to be spot-on, the bumps were effectively loaded and not dripping, and all the nails were limited but not removed.

Test Drivers: As always, we use a large number of motorists during our opinions to make sure we get a wide variety of views for each automobile. For the TRAXXAS TRX 4 evaluation our analyze motorists involved Metal Mikeee, Robbie G., Sam Da’ Noobie, T-Mohr, and yours truly.

Test Venues: We got to run the Traxxas at a few recreational places as well as our local 8th variety off-road monitor. We used Greentree Park in Fenton Mo, Arnold Mo Town Recreation area, High cliff Cavern Recreation area in St Louis Mo, and the St Louis Dirtburners off-road monitor for examining.

Set-up Notes: Per our regular, we ran your RC Cars Parts. For power, we used a 2S 5800 Traxxas LiPo and for additional juice we hopped up to a 3S 5000 Traxxas LiPo. Both features used Traxxas iD connections and a Traxxas EZ Optimum Live managed all of our asking for responsibilities.

Turning: With distant securing diffs, the TRAXXAS TRX 4 has two designs of switching. With the diffs revealed it is extremely maneuverable. On sidewalk or high chew dust, you can beat your automobile around before you know it. With the diffs closed it drives like mad on “normal” places, but allows your automobile to get indicated exactly where you want it to while stone creeping. The additional variety offered by the 45° front side guiding is a real advantage while stone creeping, although while whacking on dust or sidewalk it can lead to improved grip moving when switching the tires too far. The inventory servo is on the slowly side, and while it has some twisting, it isn’t highly effective enough for the applying when stone creeping.

Overall, I am very satisfied with Traxxas’s introduction into the dimensions industry. Being their first real scale/trail rig I feel they did a great job. This is a very able automobile with a lot of really awesome and efficient functions with all its RC cars parts. I can’t delay to see what the next design delivers.