TOUMEI C800 Bluetooth Projector Review:

Although Office Supplies Projectors are the newest fad in video technological innovation, projector screen is actually most well-known technical available on the industry. The very first video projectors specified to do the actual complete reverse of what the first digital cameras did. Film would be approved over a lens at great rates of speed, using a mixture of shiny illumination and innovative contact contacts to reproduce the little pictures on the large display. The issue with old film technologies are that the content used – gold nitrate – was so combustible that cinemas generally burnt off down.

TOUMEI C800 Bluetooth


While the TOUMEI C800 Bluetooth isn’t the tiniest Office Supplies projector available on the industry, it’s still extremely lightweight. The images can be a little misleading. Since it’s developed using the same form factor as your common projector, this indicates to be almost the same dimension as your common projector. But you open the box, you’ll be satisfied with how lightweight it is. They weigh about an amazing 0.75 pounds, making it easy to put wherever you like.


Like most advanced Office Supplies projectors, the TOUMEI C800 Bluetooth uses a mixture HDMI and MHL slot that allows you to plug almost any video source available on the industry. The difference is that this design uses an ordinary slot, so you won’t have to fumble around with any plugs. It also has a 3.5mm radio stations system out slot, so you can link headsets or exterior sound system. The USB slot actually provides two features. You can use it to cost the projector, or you can tap into its highly effective 6000 mAh battery package power to cost your mobile phones or other cellular mobile phones.

Video Quality

One of the stand out features for this projector is the 200 lumen LED light bulb. This is over 4 times lighter than some of the projectors available on the industry, making it appropriate for bigger displays. Officially, it can generate obvious pictures up to 100 inches wide in total night. But there is one capture. It still uses the same 854×480 EDTV quality as other Office Supplies projectors. In our eyes, this isn’t enough information for large displays. The greatest advantage of the extra illumination is its ability to be used in conventional illumination circumstances. Provided that it’s reasonably black, any monitor dimension up to 40” will look fantastic.


With up to three hours of built in battery package, this is a projector that will get you through any movie you want to observe. Planning to excessive observe an entire season of your favorite show? Luckily, this projector can be billed and play-back video at the same time, making it perfect for lengthy classes.

As we work to make our technological innovation progressively lightweight, projectors have obtained the same treatment. These properly known as “Office Supplies” projectors are able to generate bigger than lifestyle pictures in a deal that is no more than few cubic inches wide. Let’s take a look at the best Office Supplies projectors available on the industry. We’ll help you understand the variations between them, and pick the design that best matches your needs.