Know the Influencing factors for airlines industry!

Being backed by decades of existence, airline industry is one of the most used and gigantic industry prevailing in today’s world. Since, it is so big, the factors affecting it are also big and significant. Mentioned ahead are some major factors that have made aviation industry to go under drastic changes over the past couple of years.

The increasing hub system:

Again, travel between regional airports will result in connections. Reservations agents will verify the website is functioning correctly even though you cannot find non-stop flights from your charming but medium sized city to an equally medium to small city.

Sometimes you must fly from one hub to another in order to reach your destination. Perhaps you wish to fly from Richmond, Virginia to Durango, Colorado on United Airlines. In fact, you can only fly to hubs in Washington, DC or Chicago from Richmond on United.

However, you can only reach Durango from their Denver hub. You must connect through either Washington or Chicago to Denver, and yes, that is three flights, three take-offs and landings, and three safety lectures from three flight attendants— six if you count the return trip.

Code shares

Despite the highly competitive nature of air travel, airlines are keen on sharing. They share flights and when they do it is called a 'codeshare'. Two or more airlines in the same alliance agree to share the same flight, each applying its own flight number and price. They do not share all flights, particularly transcontinental and international flights that originate outside the country. When you review your flight information before you purchase your ticket (and you will, promise me!), you will notice the codeshare disclaimer. Ticket agents, including travel agents, are required to inform you of codeshares: “Friendly Skies Airlines flight 123 operated by Puddle Jumper Express”.

Major airlines outsource most of their regional service to smaller carriers. Flight crews work for and are paid by the contracted carrier but may wear the same or similar uniform of the major airline.

The planes are painted in the livery of the major airline but will display their own logo as well and the aircraft identification number, or ‘tail number’, bears the contract carrier code. Most people never notice they are not flying on the airline from which they purchased their ticket. Ticket sellers, including travel agencies online and storefront, must also disclose contract carriers as codeshares. That is a federal regulation.


Major domestic and international airlines formed three global airline alliances. Alliance partners accept frequent flier numbers from member airlines and allow you to accrue miles with your frequent flier program while you travel on their flight. When you begin travel on your preferred airline and connect to an alliance partner airline your miles will automatically accrue.

There were only few of the factors that had affected or influenced the aviation industry. To know what time in the year is best for you certainly need to connect with airlines. For best air travels, you certainly need to book your ticket in low cost airlines available these days. To know when you can book cost effective tickets, you need to connect at.