How to Use Strong Whole body Crappie Tube Jigs

Crappie fishing tricks and secrets are a large crappie capturing key. Many people who are experts in fishing for these fish will tell you that the tube jig is a sure way to capture more crappie. So how do you use these tubes?

First off, they need to be little. When you are fishing for other fish like fish you would use a 3 to 3 ½ inches tube jig, with crappie however, you want to use a 1 to 1 ½ inches tube jig. Second, you want a unique jig made just for tubes. Using a unique technique you can capture a lot of Crappie with this attract.

Why So Small?

You want to use a little attract for many factors. The primary purpose is because they are little fish. They are in the same dimension as a bluegill. For those of you who never saw any of these fish they are a normal dimension about standard water container. Some a compact some are bigger but the common is about that dimension. So that is why it is necessary to use more compact attracts.

What Is So Special About the Jig?

A Tube Jig is different because it is a more time tube form that suits into the temptation. This ideal fit helps make the tube directly and very life like. The bodyweight is more equally distribute out and allows it to swimming through standard water better.

What Is The Special Trick?

The unique technique that I discovered to do with tubes is carry some Alka-Seltzer with you, fall off the smallest part. Next, take the part and place right in the back of the tube. This will cause a percolate impact that causes crappie to go nut products over this attract.

The Strong Whole body Tube Jig is effective from a boat. Go strong with it. Around 10 to 12 legs will do to begin. Analyze different absolute depths until you get a chew. Crappies seem to move between factors. Once you find you will probably capture more.

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I really like crappie fishing tricks and secrets. My preferred year to go crappie fishing is in the springtime when the rich waters are still cool and the fish are providing intensely for breeding year. It really is not essential when you go as you can capture them at any year. Just have patience and research a lot and you will determine what works and what does not.