Are you moving to one of the new apartments in Raleigh, NC following a job in the Research Triangle Park? Or, is it New York, close to the happening Manhattan? Either way, there is one thing that’s in common. Expenditure. Yes, moving to a new place is expensive. But, what about that interesting mop that you just saw on TV? Or those floating shelves that make keeping things organized so much easy! Wait, you cannot afford those right now. What you can do is control your urge to purchase any new item. How? Allow us to show you the way.


You come across a beautiful indoor water fountain in a shop and you are like, ‘I want it NOW!’ Hold on; just ask yourself, ‘Is it worth the money?’ Take a bit of time and consider you decision. The water fountain will be available in the store, so you can come back later on to purchase. After a few days, if you still feel that the water fountain is something you need, then go ahead and buy it. Postponing is a technique that can work. There are chances that you would forget about the thing you wanted to buy, after some time. This is one of the effective ways to avoid purchasing something new on impulse.


The moment you come across something that is alluring and makes you feel like opening your purse to take out the cash, move away. This is yet another successful way to break from the habit of buying a new stuff. For instance, when you are bored working and you check the online shopping store, there are high chances that you end up buying something new. So, rather than distracting yourself using e-shopping store, check out the other things your love. You can go out to take a walk, read up a quick article or do anything else that you like to distract yourself from the spending tendency. Wash the negative habits with positive activities.


There are times, when you feel like adding new things in your home only to overcome the same old boring look. Here is an advice. Rather than getting rid of the stuff, why not re-use the same thing to create something new? This will be an interesting job and doesn’t have to be complicated. Even mall things like shifting the furniture from one room to another or changing the entire orientation of your room to give it a brand new look, can do wonders. You can explore new ideas and use the existing things in your apartment to manage space. How about a light bulb planter or a wine bottle flower vase? Once you start developing such innovative ideas and implement them in the right places, the spending desire will vanish, and so will your boring afternoons.

Be Accountable

In order to apply this technique, you need a bit of help from the others. Ask your closest friends and relatives to remind you, every time you wish to spend on something. Tell them to be hard because you are trying to stop the habit of excessive spending. You need to hold yourself accountable for your spending; so make a list of your financial priorities and put it in a place where you can see it often. You can even put a sticky note on the credit card reminding you that you are turning into a spendthrift.

or one in Orlando, moving is always exciting. Yes, you may want to buy new things and there is nothing wrong with it. However, you must not go overboard.   Use few or all of these techniques to hold your shopping spirit in check and you will definitely overcome your weakness.