How to Choose The Right Golf Clubs for Junior Golfers

Want to help your kids pick up some healthy and active hobbies, and restrict their Xbox time? If you are thinking about something classy, active and yet less injury prone sport, then golf would serve you best. Motivate them by showing gorgeous pictures of Dallas golf clubs or the intriguing layout of a course in California. And then take them to visit a nearby public course. Who knows, your kid maybe a Tiger Woods in the making? But, the first thing you need to do is get your little one the right golf club else your kid will not enjoy the game one bit. Here are a few tips to help you understand how to select the right clubs for your little golfers.

Check the Length and Weight

Check the length tags on the golf clubs to find the one your kid will be comfortable wielding. Generally, sales representatives work up a pitch to influence you into buying lengthier clubs, and let your kids grow into them. But, according to experts, that is a terrible idea. Kids have the attention span of a humming bird, and if the hobby seems to be too challenging or tough to handle, they will lose interest. Plus, playing with a heavy golf club can make it extremely hard for kids to enjoy the game. So, choose the one with a comfortable length and weight to help your kids enjoy their time on the greens.

Don’t Buy the Complete Set at the Beginning

As we have just explained, kids are generally fickle-minded and there is a very real possibility that they might give up golf in a few days or weeks. In that case, your investment on the full set of (14 clubs) kid-sized golf clubs will just sit in your house collecting dust. So, it is better to start with just a couple of the right-sized clubs and complete the set when your kid shows interest in golf.

Pick Putter and Iron Not Woods

It is better to start with a putter and 9-iron for your kids. These clubs are easy to handle and don’t require a complex swing approach to drive the ball. So, start with them. Do not go for wood clubs as kids generally lack the required strength to take long shots. However, you can opt for a hybrid club to help your kids practice long shots.

Go for Flexibility Not Technology

Make sure your kid’s golf clubs are flexible enough as your kid won’t be comfortable swinging a rigid one. So, pick clubs with a level of flexibility. You can ask a club-fitter to help you find the right clubs. Expensive and trendy (technologically) clubs might grab your attention, but try to understand that kids and beginners do not possess the skill and confidence required to utilize these high-class clubs. Sticking to the normal clubs will do just fine for your kid.

Find Clubs with the Right Grip Size

Another thing that you need to check is the grip size of the clubs. If you are not very experienced in this, ask for help from an experienced golfer or a club-fitter. Having the proper-sized grip is the key to impressive swings and faster skill improvement. Keep this point in mind while shopping for clubs for your kid.

Engaging your kids in golf is a great idea to give them a finer taste of life and helping them to succeed in competitive environment. And kids, with their innate likings for the outdoors, would definitely love the beautiful golf courses. After all, what’s there not to love about the or the sun-kissed Tampa ones? Selecting the perfect clubs is definitely one important step that must be done right to sustain your little one’s interest in the game. And now you know how to do that right, right?