Get To Know: World’s Most Expensive Phone

Our daily lives have certain requirements and one such is the phone. It’s not just our requirement but also it’s our status which many people love to carry. Mobile phone prices worldwide vary including from cheapest phone to the most expensive phone’s in the world. There are many people who are very much attached to their mobile phones. The cell phone is the only gateway through which we get to know what is happening in other person’s lives. Cell phone’s in the recent technological world has become like a computer. Most of the works can be done in through cell phone. And also, the people will have to pay the high price for the phones. If you want to buy the worlds’ most expensive phones’ then the people must be ready to pay a lot of money.

Worlds Most Expensive Phones –

Vertu signature diamond is one such exclusive luxury phone which is from vertu. Vertu is very well known luxury cell phone product. It also includes mobile phones from vertu. Vertu signature diamond phone is the worlds’ most expensive phones. It is made of platinum. The phone is very cutely decorated with diamonds and contains 200 diamonds. The price of the phone ranges from somewhere around $ 88,000. The next beautiful phone which is the world most expensive phone is the iPhone Princess Plus. This phone has features which are not different from the apple iPhones. It also comes under the hit list of world’s . The phone is most beautifully designed phone and it comes in gold along with the princess cut diamonds which are brilliantly cut. It shall weigh somewhere around 16.50. The diamonds comes of the best quality and its prices range around $ 176.400.

The next best phone which is the most expensive phone in the world is the Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone. It ranks somewhere around 8 from scale 1-10. It is Sony Ericson’s’ black diamond. The phone is exclusively created by Jaren and it is one of the most stylish concepts which have been created. The screen is also very good as the Sony phone’s screen cannot be challenged. It is decorated with two diamonds and the price of the phone is around $300,000.

Lastly, the Vertu Signature Cobra is another such phone which is the most expensive phone in the world. It comprises of exclusive design and has the cobra snake on both the sides of the phone which is gold. The phone has been exclusively designed by a French jeweler. It has one pear shaped cut diamond and one round diamond. Along with this it also has 2 emerald eyes of the snake and is built with 439 rubies.