6 Superb Anarkali Dress Styles for Women

Anarkali literally means the bud of the pomegranate flower and signifies beauty of the nature. Among all ethnic dresses the Anarkali captures a very high place and is extremely popular among the Indian women.

Finding its roots in Mughal period, the anarkali for girls are available in a wide range of vibrant colors with eye catching motifs and embellishments making these women apparels very charming and glamorous.

Many of the famous celebrities of the silver screen are seen wearing anarkali suits for attending different parties and award giving ceremonies and this has increased its popularity among the college girls.

These dresses for women blend tradition with contemporary style and because of this excellent fusion, the embellished anarkali for girls dresses have become the most sought after outfit. Its influence is so widespread, that no wedding seems to be complete if the bride is not wearing a on that big day.

These charming women attire has gone through many changes in design, use of fabrics and style in the recent past.  With the variety of elegant designs, sophistication and delicacy the anarkali suits have become the most popular fashion trend among the Indian women.

As the wedding session is approaching very fast, the brides-to-be are definitely looking for a beautiful anarkali dress that will display them in the prime of their beauty on that big day and the other girls also must be looking for the same to draw attention of onlookers.

Here are 6 astounding designer anarkali styles that you would definitely love to read.

  1. Cream Color Heavy Wedding Anarkali bridal dress

You can get these elegant cream color wedding dresses in chiffon and georgette. With all its embroidery, frills, it delivers a queen like appearance to the bride. These are also suitable to wear at Mehendi, Sangeet and other occasions.

  1. Full sleeve anarkali frocks for girls

This amazingly beautiful bridal dress depicts unique combination of golden red making the brides look like princess on the day of the wedding. This layered suit is embellished with magnificent embroidery work with eye catching sequins and stone works. Worn with a red dupatta, this brings glamour and charm.

  1. Red layered golden taupe bridal dress

The anarkali series of dress have many variations’ making those appropriate for different uses. Due the high popularity it enjoys, the anarkali dress is also loved by teenage girls for attending many functions. These frocks are adorned with beautiful embroidery work on the top and the bottom part comes with frills. 

  1. Strapless anarkali style dress

These dresses have all the features of the anarkali style of dresses. These come in pink and royal blue and are also available with many other good color contrasts. The upper part has a deep neckline and contains beading and other embellishments for highlighting. Worn with a pink duptta, this is sure to make you attractive.

  1. Floor length wedding anarkali

The floor length anarkali wedding dresses are the most patronized dress by the celebrities.  With its unique design and embellishments all over the attire, this makes a sweeping statement adding glamour and elegance to your personality. These are available with full sleeves and in sleeveless option as well. Wear it with a matching dupatta and you will be the sole point of attraction in any gathering.

  1. Backless anarkali dress

Anarkali dresses have gone through many transformations over the years and this backless variety is one of the trendy outcomes and very popular for a party wear. These have contemporary look with little embellishment on the neck line and available sleeveless to showcase your beauty.